The competition in the new era is the competition for talents. With the generous mind and spirit of the sea, Haisheng attracts and trains a large number of talents, fully explores the potential of employees, and enables everyone to shine in his/her own position, so as to realize his/her own value while the enterprise continues to develop. The company has introduced a large number of professional talents through campus recruitment, headhunting, expert introduction and other channels through careful screening. The company now has more than 30 people with college degree or above, including doctor's degree and master's degree. The excellent talent team has become a strong force to promote the rapid development of the company, and also provides intellectual support and ability guarantee for the realization of the grand vision of "One Hundred Years of Haisheng".

(1) Talent strategy: put people first, encourage innovation, strive to cultivate and build a group of high-quality staff, to be haisheng people with both integrity and talent.

(2) Employment philosophy: be virtuous and talented, promote and reuse; Virtue without talent, cultivation and use; No virtue, no talent, limited use; No virtue, no talent, no use.

(3) Implementation of talent strategy: "four talents", that is, selecting talents, employing talents, cultivating talents and retaining talents.

Talent selection: Since its establishment, Haisheng has always been adhering to the talent concept of "people-oriented, seeking excellence together", adhering to the criteria of both moral integrity and talent selection based on morality, and the way of talent selection without sticking to one pattern, absorbing all kinds of outstanding talents and a large number of people with lofty ideals to join the company.

Use talent: "the wide sea with fish jump, the sky high any bird fly". Haisheng has always been loyal first, employing only meritocracy standards, through the implementation of performance appraisal, the implementation of competitive recruitment and other ways, to create a fair, fair and open competition for the entry environment, improve the talent to play the enthusiasm and initiative.

Yucai: The continuous improvement of employees' knowledge, skills and moral education is the driving force for the continuous strong and sustainable development of Haisheng. The company deepens the staff training system, refines the talented person from inside. Through the financial allocation of special funds for staff training, internal training, hiring external experts and scholars to teach, and cooperation with universities and research institutes training methods, effectively improve the actual ability and professional ethics of the company's original talents and employees, refine the internal excellent talents.

Retain talents: Retain talents at all costs is the eternal pursuit of Haisheng.

(1) Career retention: The company specially designs career planning for employees, so that employees can realize their own value in the process of enterprise development and achieve a win-win situation for both enterprises and individuals.

(2) Salary retention: according to the development of the company and the price of the talent market, improve the salary of employees year by year, which is always the most favorable in the industry.

(3) the welfare retention: the company pay the insurance for the employees, and provide relevant welfare (4) cultural advancement opportunities: actively explore with characteristic of hai sheng "humanistic culture", is the pursuit of the company has always been, and by respecting, caring talents, training talents, developing talents and other action to make employees feel the warmth of home in the sea.

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