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Vitamin D3 crystal

Product Description:

Vitamin D3, also known as Cholecalciferol ,has the physiological function to promote intestinal calcium absorption, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism and induce bone calcium and phosphorus calm, as well as promote bone growth and prevent rickets.

Medical grade Vitamin D3 crystal

Product NameMedical grade Vitamin D3 crystal
  CAS NO. 67-97-0
Molecular Formula C27H44O
Molecular Weight 384.64
Chemical structure
General property White crystalline powder, easily deteriorated in the air or sunlight,
 easily soluble in ethanol, either, chloroform and acetone, slightly
 soluble in plant oil and insoluble in water.
Index Unit Numerical range
Content % 97.0~103%

Packaging:100g∕Bag,0.5/1kg∕Tin,2 Tin /CtnStorage & Transportation:Stored under low temperature and avoid light.
Shelf life:36 months
Usage:Used as API in the pharmaceutical industry for preparation, and also used as vitamin additive in food and drink industry.

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